Do you wish to UNDERSTAND your animal more?

Do they have BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES that you just don't get?

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Dare to dream BIG and follow your souls calling?

The Ascension of Gaia - channelled by The Council of Elders

Animal Communication & Healing Retreat

Do you wish to have a deeper, more heartfelt connection with your animal companion?

 Do you ever wish that you could talk to them?

Do you often wonder what they are thinking or feeling?

Do you wish that there was some way you could help?

If so…then join us on this exciting 3 night retreat to explore the art of animal communication and healing

The Goddess Temple

In this exclusive membership group we will be guided by the Ancient Goddesses as we explore your own spirit as well as working with the greater spirit. We honour the flow of the Moon and her phases as we meet under the New and Full Moon energies to gather as a circle of sisters to harness the powerful energies that the Moon brings us each month. We will explore the new energies of the earth together so you can learn to live more in flow and harmony with your own spirit as well as being guided by the Goddesses and the Moon. This monthly membership group also offers you the opportunity to develop your own spiritual work as we explore different topics each month.

I am passionate about connecting people with their animals and bringing forward messages and healing.

I also have the privilege of offering guidance, healing and support to people to allow them to move through the current energies with greater ease.

Do you feel that you are overwhelmed and are struggling to find your purpose? Allow me to help!

I am here to support you. I know what it is like to feel that you have nowhere to turn and don't know which direction to take. I am here to offer guidance. I work with many star beings and goddesses that help me to intuitively clear the fog so that you can clearly see the path in front of you. I also offer bespoke clearings, healings and protection for your chakras and energy fields. You can then leave feeling more confident and empowered, knowing which direction to move in next.

I believe exploration of the self is a continuous cycle that lasts a lifetime...and beyond! We do not become Ascended Masters overnight, it is an ever evolving cycle! I passionately believe that I can use what I have learnt along my path (and continue to learn!) to help and guide you along yours. We all hit bumps in the road. No ones path is calm and easy all of the time. At these times in our life this is when we most need a helping hand. Allow me to offer my hand to you now!

I truly believe that we are ALL here to become the greatest version of ourselves. It is about remembering who our soul is and realising we came here with a calling and a desire to connect to our highest self.

Maybe NOW is the time to allow what is inside of you to come to the surface! 

Are you ready to allow your INNER GODDESS to rise up?

Are you ready to allow your LIGHT to shine?

I believe that true transformation does not happen overnight. It is a process. A process of healing and the joys of learning about yourself. It is a gentle process that allows what needs to surface at the right time. A process of not pushing and 'making' things happen but allowing things to unfold and sitting back and watching the magic happen!

Guidance and healing along this journey of self evolving can be massively beneficial. Allow me to offer my help to you now! My desire is to empower you to become the divine goddess that you have forgotten you are!

The Council of Elders came forward and channelled this video through me on the Ascension of Gaia and how our planet is set to change over the next decade and beyond. Earth is starting to ascend once again from a third to a fifth dimensional planet to bring forward a new golden age. Atlantis was the last golden age era on earth. This next stage on our planet is going to bring very exciting times!! This video is exclusive to my website so please feel free to sign up and grab your copy today.

Goddess Healing Retreat

Step out of everyday life.

Give yourself the time and space to nourish your soul and allow yourself to relax and recharge.

Be supported on your journey by the ancient Goddesses.

This Goddess Healing Retreat offers an immensely healing weekend as we join together as a circle of Goddesses.

Do you need help knowing your next step?

Star Being Session

Individual bespoke session to bring forward divine guidance and healing where you most need it in your life. Everyone needs a helping hand at times and particularly during these changing energies.

Animal Communication & Healing

A bespoke session with you and your animal to help you understand your animal more and help them through any difficulties or challenges that they may be having. Like us they also need a helping hand at times.

​​Goddess Retreat

Step out of everyday life.

Give yourself the time and space to nourish your soul and allow yourself to relax and recharge.

Be supported on your journey by the ancient Goddesses.

The Goddess Retreat offers a powerful and transformative weekend as we join together as a circle of emerging goddesses.

Then look no further! I am passionate about bringing animals and their owners closer together. I love bringing forward their messages on the things that they just HAVE to let you know! I can allow you to understand why they do those 'crazy' things they do! How they feel about their life, what they love and what they're not so keen on. I LOVE being able to give your 'babies' a voice!

Animals are such amazing creatures. They provide us with such joy in our lives and offer us so much unconditional love. Sometimes though we can forget how sensitive they are and they can absorb things that happen to them during their life - just like us! This can then manifest itself in mood changes or behavioural issues. In these situations animals often, just like us, want someone to unburden themselves to and have someone understand what they are going through and feeling. This is where I can offer a helping hand - both to you and your beloved animal. It is amazing what can be achieved in just one session!

My work is mainly with horses, dogs and cats but on occasion I have been known to communicate with lions, tigers and bears to name a few!

I am also able to offer healing to your animal in for example, behavioural issues, digestive issues, anxiety, travel sickness etc. (This is by no means meant as a replacement for veterinary care). The healing in conjunction with the communication will allow your animal to process what is happening in their life and to be able to release what no longer serves them.

Do you also wish to understand why you just KNOW that you're connected at a deeper level than just animal & owner? Quite often we have had many previous lifetimes with our animals and they keep finding their way back to us in this lifetime. How amazing is that?! 

Then please feel free to get in touch!

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