The Goddess Temple

In this exclusive membership group we will be guided by the Ancient Goddesses as we explore your own spirit as well as working with the greater spirit. We honour the flow of the Moon and her phases as we meet under the New and Full Moon energies to gather as a circle of sisters to harness the powerful energies that the Moon brings us each month. We will explore the new energies of the earth together so you can learn to live more in flow and harmony with your own spirit as well as being guided by the Goddesses and the Moon. This monthly membership group also offers you the opportunity to develop your own spiritual work as we explore different topics each month.

​​Goddess Retreat

Step out of everyday life.

Give yourself the time and space to nourish your soul and allow yourself to relax and recharge.

Be supported on your journey by the ancient Goddesses.

The Goddess Retreat offers a powerful and transformative weekend as we join together as a circle of emerging goddesses.

It would be my honour and privilege to help guide you and your animal along your journey to enable you to gain clarity and become more empowered.

Below details the various ways that you can work with me either on a one to one basis or a group setting. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you! 

Star Being Session

Individual bespoke session to bring forward divine guidance and healing where you most need it in your life. Everyone needs a helping hand at times and particularly during these changing energies.

Animal Communication & Healing Retreat​

Do you wish to have a deeper, more heartfelt connection with your animal companion?

Do you ever wish that you could talk to them?

Do you often wonder what they are thinking or feeling?

Do you wish that there was some way you could help?

If so…then join us on this exciting 3 night retreat to explore the art of animal communication and healing.

Animal Communication & Healing

A bespoke session with you and your animal to help you understand your animal more and help them through any difficulties or challenges that they may be having. Like us they also need a helping hand at times.

Work with Me