Your monthly tutorial content will be stored in easy to locate units on the Facebook page.  You will be able to follow and explore these units at your own pace and they will include topics such as:

  • Goddesses - exploring particular Goddesses, connecting with them, creating a ritual or an altar. Learning about the process of connecting with                                    the Goddesses and becoming comfortable with working with them.

  • The Moon - learn about the Moon and her phases. Learn about your Moon and Natal Moon sign and how it influences you.

  • Spiritual practices - learning about protecting, cleansing your energy. Removing cords of attachment, negative entities and balancing chakras to                                               name a few.

  • Crystal therapy - learning about crystals and their properties and how to work with them.

  • Star beings - explore what and who they are and how they are assisting our planet.

  • Ascension of Gaia - understanding and exploring these ascension times we find ourselves in.

  • Magical Kingdom - learning about unicorns, dragons & fairies and how to connect to them.

  • Animal Kingdom - Information on Power animals and animal spirit guides. Understanding the spiritual purpose of animals & unity consciousness.

  • Animal communication - helpful tips to allow you to connect with your own animal and to be more in tune with them.


Plus there's more...

How do I access The Goddess Temple?
The Goddess Temple is fully online so you will need access to the internet. The information will all be uploaded to Facebook so you will also require a Facebook account. Once you have signed up you will be invited by me to join the private Facebook group where you will gain full access to all the Goddess Temple’s information.

How do I pay?
Payment is via the links in the main content above. The monthly payments will then be taken automatically thereafter on the same date that you joined.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?
You do not have to have a Paypal account to join. You will have an option to use a credit or debit card if you prefer.

How do I cancel?
Your membership can be cancelled at any point, you just need to click the cancel button on your subscription. You will still have access to the Temple for the remainder of that calendar month.

How do I connect with you for the live moon gatherings?
The two moon gatherings every month will be via Zoom. The link for these sessions will be posted in the Facebook group prior to the events.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?
While it would be wonderful if you could join all the sessions live, I appreciate that we all have busy lives and this may not be possible. So the sessions are recorded and will be uploaded to the Facebook group after the event so you will not miss out.

Do I have to contribute to the group sessions?
The sessions will be led by myself and while it is wonderful for members to share their experiences there is absolutely no pressure to contribute.

 How much time do I have to commit?
There is no pressure to complete any of the units in a particular time frame. The information is there for you to work through at your own pace depending on the time you have available. Your own development is a journey so it will unfold at a pace that is right for you.


In addition to what you will be receiving on a monthly basis, The Goddess Temple also offers you:

Monthly channeled message from higher beings (Star beings, Goddesses, Ascended Masters etc)

Monthly oracle card reading

Monthly tutorials/units

Monthly guided meditation

The Goddess Temple is designed to give you a safe space to explore and discover who YOU are and also to develop a knowledge base of spiritual practices to assist you in these changing times.
Each month there will be live zoom sessions with myself around both the New and Full Moon. Honouring the sacred feminine cycles of the moon allows you to tune in to your own feminine energies and gives you permission to explore how we, as individuals, are influenced by the moon cycles. By coming together as a circle at these sacred times of the month supports you in embracing and exploring your own feminine wisdom and allows what has been buried and forgotten for too long to surface again. We will give ourselves the space and time to listen to our souls, that inner Goddess which resides within all of us and allow her to be heard and nourished. Empower that divine spark within you to be lit once more and give her the time and space for that flame to rise up again. We will explore the new energies of the earth together so you can learn to live more in flow and harmony with your own spirit as well as being guided by the Goddesses and the Moon.
​ These are changing times on our planet and it is important that we start to come together as sisters to support each other as we develop along our own path in this new world.

This is a supportive group where you can celebrate your successes and The Temple will hold space for you all to grow and develop at your own pace. The Goddess Temple will allow you to be nurtured and held sacred so that you can all feel valued and heard. Working with the ancient goddesses encourages you to recognise the goddess within YOU. When we accept that we can start to allow the divine feminine to rise, birthing a balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine once again.

Be supported by myself and the ancient goddesses as you are given the time, space and tools to explore yourself, your own spirit and what makes you YOU. In addition there will be tutorials, information, rituals and practices which will encourage you to explore and understand the universe, the greater spirit, and discover what aspects of it resonates with you. It is an unfolding journey that we will embark on together - an unfolding and sinking into who you are and what makes you truly unique and special. It is an ever evolving cycle of learning and growth as you are guided and helped along your spiritual evolution.

There will be a private Facebook group where all the content and information will be stored as well as providing you with a sacred space to share your journey with other members of the temple. Each month you will have access to the following: 


I am so HONOURED to be sharing this journey with you xxx

Welcome to THE GODDESS TEMPLE - an exclusive monthly membership circle that supports and nurtures your development - both with your own spirit and with the greater spirit.

Two live Zoom sessions with me around the New and Full Moon cycles (recordings will be uploaded after the events into the FB group)

Monthly Tutorials

Private Facebook Group for members.

Quarterly live Zoom session with a guest expert to speak about their chosen area of expertise (this session will be in place of one of the New/Full moon sessions that month).

​Affordable monthly payments - with no contract.