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Messages from the Animals - Part 1

Messages from Animals & Star Beings

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Messages from Star Beings

I am very blessed to be able to communicate with animals. I would love to share with you a few of the messages that various animals have imparted to me along my journey. I hope that their wisdom and inspiration resonates with you and that you can maybe follow their lead and apply it to your own lives. I consider that we have much to learn from our fellow companions in the animal kingdom. Some say that we are the superior species….but I am not so sure! I hope you enjoy.


Spend time in your inner world. Focus inwards to learn the gifts that will be able to be mirrored in your outer world. Much can be learnt by going inwards. Introspection is a great gift if used wisely. Peace, calm, understanding, enlightenment can all be discovered by going inwards. Much healing can be achieved also. Things come to the fore and rise to enable them to be viewed and healed.


Allow the intricacy of life to unfold in its own time. Do not push, do not force, do not dally also. Take action when it is required. Do nothing but just be when this is also required. Learn to live in the flow of life. Learn to let go and surrender. Weave your web around your inner world of being. Allow your life to extend outwards from your inner self. Allow this to be the centre of your universe for this is where all the answers lie.


Do not spend time worrying. This is pointless - it has no meaning. You are worrying and spending energy on things that may never come to pass. Learn to flow more with life. Learn to live in the now and the joy. So much can be gained by living in the now. Do not focus on the past or future. They do not exist. All that exists is the now. More focus on this would be very beneficial to all.

Black Panther

Trust in the dark for it is your friend. Light is birthed from the dark. There cannot be light without also the darkness. Embrace the darkness and treat it as your friend. Do not fear this and try to turn away from it. Let it embrace you, let it wrap itself around you like a blanket. Feel every inch of this darkness and from there you will no longer be afraid. You will take comfort in the dark and know it means no harm. You will begin to feel a warmth in the darkness. From here you will courageously and fearlessly step forward into the light. This light will then shine your true power and radiance. Shine brightly dear one.

Great Eagle

It is time to take flight. It is time to unfurl your wings and take to the skies. Enough with the doubting, enough with the fear and hesitation. Now is the time. Soar, fly, glide - your future is assured, your potential is unlimited. So fly with me - take this opportunity to expand and fly into the greatest version of yourself - I dare you!

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Messages from Star Beings - Part 1

I would love to be able to share with you some of the messages that I channel from various star beings. I am very grateful for their time, wisdom and guidance that they bring through to us. I hope you enjoy and that their words resonate with you.


Greetings from Lakumay

It is a pleasure to channel through our medium. There is much opportunity on your planet at this moment. Opportunity to make lasting changes. The opportunity to release old stories and patterns. Opportunities to release fears and negative ways of thinking. Opportunities to step into your true self and power and allow your light to shine brightly. It is truly a tremendous time to be on planet Earth. 

Message from the Pleiadians

Peace and Love. Love and Peace.

Such a beautiful combination.

Such a powerful and important combination.

Wouldn't it be lovely if your whole planet embodied these qualities? How wonderful would life be if all you had was Peace and Love?

These times are coming my friends. Brace yourself for these changes. The time is coming on your planet to be bathed in Peace and Love.


Message from Arcturus

We are so proud as we observe the tentative steps that you make towards your new world. It is like a proud parent watching the first wobbly steps of their infant. Having the courage to make those first steps are so crucial. These are the steps where you could fall down but still having that courage to move forward. It is necessary to keep making these steps. These small incremental steps towards a new world. A much better worlds. One where you all unite as one. This is truly inspiring to watch.

Greetings from Orion

It is a pleasure to be here today. The vibration on your planet has increased significantly this year. You probably are all feeling the change. Some of you it will have effected a lot - some of you just a little - but you will all have felt the shift.

It is time to be gentle with yourselves. Treat yourselves with compassion. Allow these new energies to embed themselves in you and allow them to become familiar. Take time to just be. Take time to be outside in nature and allow this high vibrational energy to wash over you. Allow this feeling to become the new normal. The new yardstick. The new way of life.

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