Sometimes we all just need a TIME OUT.

That opportunity to step off the wheel of life and allow ourselves time to relax, recharge and nourish our souls.

Honour that voice inside of you that is craving space from the regular routine and all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Recognise that voice as your inner goddess, that ancient feminine wisdom of your soul.

It is time to listen to her. Allow her that stillness she craves. Restore your spirit to wholeness.

Allow her this RETREAT.

En suite room, single occupancy £399 pp.

The retreat is full board, with refreshments supplied throughout the day.

A non-refundable deposit of £150 secures your place.

Balance to be paid in FULL by 19th October 2021. A payment plan is available of 3 payments of £83 on request.

Check in 3pm Friday 19th November 2021.

Check out 5pm Sunday 21st November 2021.

Limited places available.

The Goddess Retreat

Iza Moon - is a luminary songstress, Ceremonial Fire Keeper, spiritual guide and therapist. A radiant shining light for spirit, Iza uses her shamanic ancestry to facilitate healing and transformation in others. "Inspiration for the expansion of consciousness" 

Facebook page - Iza Moon

Terms & Conditions

The deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation of your place for any reason (other than that covered under the COVID19 policy) will be subject to the following:

  •  Up to and including 19th October 2021: Refund of all monies paid to date minus £150 deposit plus £90 cancellation fee.
  • After 19th October 2021: No monies will be refunded.

COVID19 Policy
In the event that the venue cancels due to COVID19, the retreat will either be refunded in full or rescheduled for a later date.

In the event that your local area is put on lockdown at the time of the retreat all monies paid will be refunded minus the deposit.

Note: We would recommend that you take out personal travel insurance to cover yourself for any eventuality.

Meet your facilitators

Kirstie Bykowski - is an animal & star being messenger. Kirstie offers guidance in times of change to allow clarity and calmness. She empowers women to truly recognise their own inner goddess, that divine feminine aspect of themselves that is just waiting to rise again.

For any questions about the retreat please feel free to contact either:

Kirstie - email:, mobile: 07535 158848

Dionne - email:, mobile: 07583 618834

To book your place please follow the link below which will lead you to payment via PayPal. If you wish to pay by BACS please contact Kirstie and she will forward the relevant bank details.

Dionne Linnell - is a psychic medium as well as a reiki & crystal healer. Dionne is a beautiful soul and has an amazing connection to spirit which she uses to help guide & heal women.

Facebook page - Crystal Clear Healing.

​This Goddess Retreat gives you the opportunity to really explore who you are. Allow yourself to be taken on this transformative journey and to be held in a sacred space where you can reconnect to yourself and remember who YOU truly are.
It is a space where you can explore yourself and allow the divine feminine spark that is within us all to be reignited once again. It is time to relax and unwind and leave the stresses of everyday life behind. Take this time out for YOU. Give yourself this gift.
This two night weekend retreat on 19th to 21st of November 2021 is near the sea in a quiet location just outside Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

This Goddess Retreat offers you:

  • Opening Sacred space
  • Meditation with the Goddesses
  • Shamanic medicine journeying
  • Sacred fire ceremony
  • Self empowerment practices
  • Connecting to the Goddesses
  • Crystal first aid
  • Empowerment through music
  • Honouring circle
  • Chakra balancing with toning
  • Transmuting fears
  • Plus much more!

Understanding and working with the energy of Sacred Fire can help us to bridge the gap between the physical world and the ethereal world, encouraging alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit, thus bringing into reality our hopes, dreams and intentions. The power of the Sacred Fire ceremony allows you to release what no longer serves as you start to come home to YOU. It will assist you in transmuting the fears that hold you back from stepping into your true potential.

The group sessions are designed to assist you in exploring who you really are…from the healing vibration of your voice to honouring yourself with compassion. From expressing and healing old wounds to embracing feeling truly ‘seen’.

This weekend gives you the tools to embrace your sensitivity as a gift. You will leave feeling more empowered, inspired and motivated as you expand and stretch yourself into the next phase of your spiritual growth.

Give yourself this gift to sink into your SOUL and your true GODDESS within.