** RESCHEDULED to 19th to 21st November 2021 due to Covid19**

This Goddess Retreat gives you the opportunity to really explore who you are. Allow yourself to be taken on this transformative journey and to be held in a sacred space where you can reconnect to yourself and remember who YOU truly are.
It is a space where you can explore yourself and allow the divine feminine spark that is within us all to be reignited once again. It is time to relax and unwind and leave the stresses of everyday life behind. Take this time out for YOU. Give yourself this gift.
This two night weekend retreat on 19th to 21st November 2021 is near the sea in a quiet location just outside Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

This Goddess Retreat offers you:
Opening Sacred space
Meditation with the Goddesses
Shamanic medicine journeying
Sacred fire ceremony
Self empowerment practices
Connecting to the Goddesses
Crystal first aid
Empowerment through music
Honouring circle
Chakra balancing with toning
Transmuting fears
Plus much more!

Understanding and working with the energy of Sacred Fire can help us to bridge the gap between the physical world and the ethereal world, encouraging alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit, thus bringing into reality our hopes, dreams and intentions. The power of the Sacred Fire ceremony allows you to release what no longer serves as you start to come home to YOU. It will assist you in transmuting the fears that hold you back from stepping into your true potential.

The group sessions are designed to assist you in exploring who you really are…from the healing vibration of your voice to honouring yourself with compassion. From expressing and healing old wounds to embracing feeling truly ‘seen’.

This weekend gives you the tools to embrace your sensitivity as a gift. You will leave feeling more empowered, inspired and motivated as you expand and stretch yourself into the next phase of your spiritual growth.

 Give yourself this gift to sink into your SOUL and your true GODDESS within.


** RESCHEDULED to 15th to 18th October 2021 due to Covid19 **

Join us for this exciting 3 night retreat where we hand ourselves over to the greatest teachers of all - THE ANIMALS. This retreat offers us the opportunity to immerse ourselves fully in the world of animal communication. We will discover and explore the principles and theories as well as the practical aspects of the art of communicating with our fellow animal companions.

This fabulous retreat is at a private venue near Chesterfield, UK and runs 15th to 18th October 2021.

 This retreat consists of opening yourselves up to the concept that we are all animal communicators and healers at heart. This space will allow yourself to be lovingly reminded by our animal tutors how to connect with them and to be open to their incredibly profound wisdom, healing techniques, shared past lives and so much more!

 Allow yourself to be fully supported on this retreat by two experienced animal communicators. You will be given expert guidance, verification and feedback which is essential to help you progress and gain in confidence. You will learn to work with physical animals but also from photographs, expanding your intuitive powers even more. This retreat welcomes all levels of experience. No prior knowledge is needed, the only essential requirement is a love for our animal friends.

Over our time together we will help you learn to quiet your mind and trust. Our specifically designed exercises will allow you to release doubt, even if you think you can’t do this. This will enable you to be able to progress in a supportive environment without fear or judgement.

There is much to learn in the art of animal communication, however this weekend will provide you with the foundational skills required to confidently connect to our animal friends. This retreat offers you:
Foundational theories of animal communication
Heart to heart communication
Animal communication demonstration
Learning and developing animal communication
Altered state communication
Power animals and animal spirit guides
Balancing animals physical and soul chakras
Shamanic drumming
Plus much more!!
This retreat is for you if you feel that there is so much more to learn from animals and you are open to the wisdom and teachings that they share. No prior experience is needed, all levels are welcome. This retreat will give you the opportunity to explore our connection to all of the Animal Kingdom and also expand your awareness of just how much the different species are assisting us globally at this time leading us towards Unity Consciousness.

​​Join me for the following upcoming events


Join me for a talk on the ascension of our planet, the current energies and how this is all impacting us. It includes live channelling as the Council of Elders come forward to explain about the ascension, as well as theirs and many other Star Beings roles in this ascension program. A group of star beings from Orion also step forward to share their wisdom and all the changes occurring right now on Earth.  

The Council of Elders are a group of Star Beings that channel through me information to assist us in this ascension cycle. They are a group of highly evolved beings from many star systems and planets that have joined together to form this council to purely assist Gaia and humanity through this ascension process.

Learn about the current ascension cycle that is undergoing our planet and where it is leading us all. We talk about the impact of the unprecedented events of this year and what it all means. Learn how the animal kingdom are also assisting us during this ascension. Discover what to expect over the next decade and about life as a fifth-dimensional planet.

There is also an unexpected visit from a rather large spider who has a message for us all on fear. I apologise now for my reaction but the spider was very effective at getting his message across!!

Come and join us 💜

To access the recording for this event please click on the link below (the event is nearly two hours long). The recording will be sent out via email within 24 hours of purchase.