A 60 minute session in which you will have all the support and guidance that you need to gain clarity in your life. My goal is to help you become clear and empowered so that you can move through these current energies with greater ease. You will leave the session with a greater sense of purpose and calmness, knowing how to move forward and the next steps to take.  You will be surprised by how much can be accomplished in just an hour!

The session can focus on any area of your life you wish - life purpose, family, love - it is wherever you are feeling stuck or lost. We can then look at that and work through the 'obstacles' until you're feeling much clearer and know which direction to go in next. We are all at different places on our journey and our needs change as we grow. Some need an energetic healing, others guidance from the divine and for most it is a mixture of both.

My sessions are individually tailored to your needs. I am an intuitive channel so I can interpret divine energies and allow them to determine what transpires. Some of the things that you could expect are:

  • clear guidance from your team of sacred guides as well as star beings, goddesses and power animals
  • removal of energies that do not belong to you
  • chakra balancing and clearing
  • clearing of energetic blocks
  • protection for your chakras and energy field

My aim is to support and help you in times of uncertainty and change to enable you to feel calmer and more at peace. The session will enable you to focus on what is needed to allow yourself to continue your journey of self discovery. 

I believe in empowering people and giving them the confidence to move forward with courage along their path of unfolding the very best version of themselves.

Animal Communication Session

​​Work with Me

Star Being Session

All my one to one work can be done in person or online depending on your location.

I am located in Lincolnshire, UK but these days location is not an issue!

So please feel free to get in touch or book a session directly below. Payment is via PayPal but if you wish to pay via BACS please let me know. 

Terms and conditions:  Whilst every opportunity is made to address your needs it must be stated that spiritual therapy is not meant to replace a doctors or veterinary care.  No outcomes are guaranteed and we do not provide medical or legal advice. All readings are non-predictive and experiential. Please note that all appointments are given in the UK time zone. It is your responsibility to correlate this appointment time to your own time zone. Refunds are not available once a booking has been made. If in the unlikely event there is a misunderstanding over appointment times or a technical issue at my end, your appointment will always be honoured at the soonest available opportunity. Rescheduling appointments due to unforeseen circumstances will be undertaken at my discretion.

A 60 minutes session in which you will discover what your four legged friend really feels about their life and what they would like you to know. You will be able to ask them whatever questions you wish and will be able to understand exactly why they do 'those quirky little things'!

Animals respond very well to a communication session and in my experience they are always so grateful to be given an opportunity to 'speak' and to pass on all the things that they have been bursting to tell you!

​Animals are such amazing creatures. They provide us with such joy in our lives and offer us so much unconditional love. Sometimes though we can forget how sensitive they are and they can absorb things that happen to them during their life - just like us! This can then manifest itself in mood changes or behavioural issues. In these situations animals often, just like us, want someone to unburden themselves to and have someone understand what they are going through and feeling. This is where I can offer a helping hand - both to you and your beloved animal. It is amazing what can be achieved in just one session!

My aim is that the session, as well as assisting your animal, will allow you to gain a deeper and more enlightened relationship with your animal. 

I am also able to offer healing and support to your animal in for example, behavioural issues, digestive issues, anxiety, travel sickness etc. (This is by no means meant as a replacement for veterinary care). I can offer practical guidance and tips that will assist you in overcoming their behavioural issues so that you can both lead much more harmonious and happier lives together. Most of the time their behaviours are their way of trying to communicate with you. Once these behaviours are understood it is much easier to be able to find a solution! The healing in conjunction with the communication will allow your animal to process what is happening in their life and to be able to release what no longer serves them.

I work intuitively so I offer bespoke sessions according to what your animal needs. I am divinely guided in my healing and communication work so that the highest possible outcome is achieved.

I LOVE working with animals. They are so wonderful and it never ceases to amaze me what they are willing to do for us to help us along our journey. As well as providing love, joy and companionship in our life I find it so inspiring to know that they are also with us for a life purpose. The fact that they offer themselves so willingly to help us along our path is immensely humbling.

​I would love the opportunity to work with you and your animal so please feel free to reach out to discuss their particular needs.